The Four Qualities of Mindfulness

The Quality of Compassionate Listening

 Listening completely through a mind and heart filled with love to both our inner dialogue and the words others share with us can heal deep wounds. When we listen compassionately, we connect on a deep soul level and bring tribute to the communion of souls that is free of judgments or a need to problem solve. This level of listening brings validation to the experiences of the speaker and acknowledgment to the inherent ability we all have to access infinite wisdom to resolve our conflicts and challenges. Compassionate listening also brings benefits to the listener. The realization that listening with compassion provides the highest level of support and action releases the listener from the obligation to “do something.” This active listening encourages the essential self-advocacy needed to effectively engage in our soul work. Through mindfulness we can learn to listen more entirely to ourselves and others and experience deep understanding.

The Quality of Deep Understanding

 As we become more adept at compassionate listening, deep understanding of ourselves and others will develop. Perceiving a person or situation beyond the understandable barriers of fear and judgment and the troublesome interactions that issue from them is easier when we seek deep understanding. In a desire to cultivate the quality of deep understanding, we open ourselves to the recognition and acceptance that these emotions and reactions to our world are part of our human experience. Compassionate listening brings deeper levels of understanding as deeper levels of understanding engender greater compassion and generate a desire for action.

 The Quality of Compassionate Action

 As we open ourselves to experience greater understanding through compassionate listening, we are naturally drawn into compassionate action. We desire at this point to involve ourselves in work that will lesson our suffering and the suffering of others. Compassionate listening and deep understanding help us formulate a viable plan of action that will prove useful in lessening or ending individual and collective experiences that produce suffering.

 The Quality of Being Present

 The quality of being fully present in each moment to ourselves and others is the best gift we can offer. Mindfulness practice helps us stay the course and remain fully present for the pleasures and pains of our shared human existence. This allows us to become more able to be fully present for the joy and suffering that exists simultaneously within ourselves and our world. As we become fully present to incidents of suffering, we can consciously work to lessen or eradicate them, allowing joy to flow more freely. Disciplining ourselves to be mindfully present in each moment is how we become able to listen with compassion, gain deep understanding, and act in an informed, wise, and compassionate manner on behalf of all life.


Love and light,