The Body Beautiful

Our chosen "life curriculum" is supported by the uniqueness of our individual physical shape, size, coloring and distinctive configuration. Our body is intended to provide us with a customized framework within which we can understand and fully experience our world. Our body provides a tangible means to attract specific relationships and circumstances supportive of our desired soul expression needs. Our body is beautiful in its uniqueness precisely because it is carefully fashioned to help us engage in the specific soul growth curriculum we have chosen. What you (or others) may call a flaw of your physical body is more rightly viewed as a series of carefully selected modifications created to help you evolve and express your soul in a given environment through specific experiences. This spirit driven selection of a customized physical form might be loosely compared to how we choose a car for its utility and transportation functions.


   For example, if you live in a mountainous and rugged region it would be best to choose a vehicle that can be driven off road and under varying weather conditions – even though you may desire it, a luxury car would not serve your needs well under these circumstances. Rather, in this situation it would be most helpful for you to have a four wheel drive vehicle that is built to handle uneven terrain and variable weather conditions. In a similar way, if your soul desires to understand the nature of physical healing, you may best serve your specific curriculum by choosing a body that will at some point in your journey face a physical health challenge. In choosing this course of study you will require certain genetic traits to accommodate your selection. In other words, it would be most supportive of your educational needs to have a body with specific functions that can support the explicit area of study you wish to focus on.


This is in contrast to some thought systems which see an individual as being unlucky, and/or receiving punishment or payback for previous “wrong doings” if they are born with or at some point face a serious physical challenge. If this way of thinking is present within your belief system, consider alternately that a health challenge can provide you with a valuable means of discovering and expressing your specific talents and gifts. Through the years, I have heard countless patients, students and friends tell me their heath challenge was the “best thing that ever happened” to them. This of course was a realization that most often occurred to them in their late or post recovery phase; when they were able to take their attention off from the pressing demands of their health issue and reflect on the wisdom and strength gained through the health crisis. This realization does not disregard the authenticity of their pain; rather it allows them to make a conscious choice to focus on the wisdom and strength they acquired through the challenge. This manner of reframing their experience opened them to deeper levels of self knowledge which promoted greater self confidence and self determination qualities that they highly valued in spite of the great cost.






Because our astounding physical frame helps us embody and embrace our life’s curriculum; we must do our best to understand, nurture and support it in its uniqueness. Though cultivating a loving relationship with our physical form is challenging, we are not alone in this endeavor. Infinite wisdom awaits our readiness to partner with it for a holistic mind, body, spirit experience. Connecting to and communicating effectively with all aspects of our self requires that we learn how to link our spirit with our mind and body through the “field work” of our life experiences. Self-awareness is the link because it encour­ages attentiveness to all aspects of our wholeness. The body has its own language – specific ways it attempts to communicate beneficial information to us so we may move through our daily experiences in an integrated manner. We can learn to effectively interpret the language of our body.

As we open the lines of communication with our body, it is helpful to consider that every cell in our physical body has its own intelligence and ability to communicate. Scientists once believed that our mind was housed in and function from our physical brain. Current, research has revealed that our mind is not just in our brain, it is in every cell of our body! Every cell of our beautiful body has its unique intelligence and memory. We have within us an astounding communication system which includes a dynamic neuro-network consisting of chemical transmitters (message senders) and receptors (message receivers). These neuro-chemical communicators send, receive and translate messages (like our thoughts and emotions) through a highly integrated and neuro-network instantaneously to our entire mind/body. They translate each of our thoughts and emotions into physical/emotional responses. If we are attentive and present in each moment, we can observe as a scientist of self, and learn the language of our body. We can decode these messages through the observation of our physical functions, sensations and emotions; which will point us to imbalances that need our attention. With body awareness, we can bring conscious consideration to these imbalances as they arise within us and make the necessary adjustments in thought and action so minor issues are resolved early and without lasting consequence to our overall health.


“When you start to assert control over any bodily process, the effect is holistic. The mind-body system reacts to every single stimulus as a global event; i.e. to stimulate one cell is to stimulate all.”

     - Deepak Chopra, M.D. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind